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Conference Design and Management

3-LS specializes in the creation, design, and execution of live events and experiences; from Product Launches and Press Events, Conferences and Corporate Meetings, to Arts and Music Festivals.  We operate all over the world delivering superior audience experiences for our clients.  3-LS and our network of partners bring a breadth and depth of industry experience to ensure the success of any project.

Virtual, Interactive & Online Experiences:

These days there are a multitude of ways to connect people virtually.  While we believe that online methods will never replace in-person engagement, they can do much to enhance your audience experience.  3-LS can offer digital supplements to your live event or virtual experiences.  We produce live streamed or on-demand online events that are interactive, collaborative, customizable, and secure.
We can develop custom event and conference Apps that enhance networking opportunities and promote personal connections for your audiences. 

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